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Japan’s No.1 Intercom Systems Manufacturer

for Access Control and Surveillance

Aiphone Products


Of Industry Experience

Market Share

in Japan

AIPHONE is the leading intercom systems company in Japan. We have been developing and manufacturing intercom systems for over 70 years, and our market share in Japan has been more than 50% for many years. We supply products to more than 70 countries with the support of subsidiaries and local distributors.


Shopping Centres/ Shopping Malls




Our extensive lineup of products can be installed in a variety of facilities, with a diverse range of functions.

Railway Stations

Motorways/ Highways

Car Parks


Police and Fire Stations

Prisons and Detention Centres


Places of Worship


Apartment Buildings


The World’s Largest Intercom Manufacturer

4 million pieces sold per year

To the global market

70+ countries

In our worldwide sales and supply network

Major Projects Across the World

White House

White House

Washington DC

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower


Changi International Airport

Changi International Airport


India Northeast Frontier Railway

India Northeast Frontier Railway


Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium

Manchester, UK

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

Normandy, France

Are you looking for any
of these improvements?

Improvement 1

To enhance security at facilities with many entrances and exits, or requiring mass notification solutions

Improvement 2

To communicate smoothly using video and voice in remote areas

Improvement 3

To centralize several different security systems

Improvement 3

To eliminate problems caused by server downtime

Improvement 4

To save manpower or to manage unmanned facilities

AIPHONE Offers The Best Solutions


  1. 1 High quality products that meet Japanese standards

  2. 2 A wide variety of solutions for virtually every type of facility or function

  3. 3 Unlimited number of connections and unlimited distance

  4. 4 Integration with other IP-based and third-party systems

  5. 5 Highly water, dust and shock resistant in accordance with IP65/IK08

  6. 6 Low-cost installation and operations with no need for servers

  7. 7 Can be seamlessly linked to mobile devices

Examples of Popular Applications

Commercial Facilities and Offices

All-in-one system for internal communication and emergency assistance

Our systems enable mutual communication between commercial facilities and offices, combining emergency assistance functionality for parking areas, staircases, and toilets. Our all-in-one system configuration also enables support for outside lines.


All-in-one system for help points, communication between remote stations, and video surveillance

Our system can respond to calls and queries from ticket machines, ticket gates, and platforms with video monitoring. Communication between remote stations is also possible.


All-in-one system for door entry management, call transfer after hours, emergency paging, and announcements

The management of entry and exit points integrated with access control is possible. The system can also be used to enable teachers and staff members to easily communicate with one another. After-hours control for schools within the district can be performed at a central control site, and systems can be used for paging and school-wide announcements.

Parking Facilities

All-in-one system for emergency calls, remote control of distant parking spaces, and video surveillance

Our systems have audio communication and video identification, which allow for immediate response where assistance is needed. Crime prevention can be enhanced further through simultaneous installation of network cameras.

Highway Tunnels

Emergency help point system for tunnels and evacuation routes with integrated CCTV functionality

Our systems have rescue assistance stations to create a communication system for emergency and evacuation purposes. Use our unique system status functionality to create a robust and reliable communication network.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I’ve known of AIPHONE throughout my 40‑year security career and I’ve always known it to be a reliable product. We are extremely happy.

Manager of Security, Telecommunications, and Emergency Preparedness at a hospital U.S.

The first thing that comes to mind when you say AIPHONE is "quality." The second thing is its history and reliability. Unlike other technology companies, AIPHONE has a long history. Reliability is also important, as users of AIPHONE products know that they will never encounter a system error.

Sub-contractor, Turkey

AIPHONE products are user-friendly, easy to use, and suitable for a wide range of environments. They have very efficient equipment to meet the needs of the market and can give us the most convenient choice.

Construction company, U.S.

AIPHONE was the first company we worked with and we experienced good quality products and services. It is premium, reliable, secure, and easy to use.

Security Dealer, U.S.

Install AIPHONE's IX Series Peer‑to‑Peer IP Video Intercom to see customers clearly on a 7" touch screen and reach other attendants with station‑to‑station communication.

Security Manager at a railway company, Japan

The durability of the products is the best. I also like how easy it works, the installation is class A. The good thing was how satisfied the owner of the project was with the product.

Security Dealer, Dominican Republic

When we install an AIPHONE system we can walk away confident that it is going to work. AIPHONE has been our go‑to intercom system for over 20 years.

Owner of a systems integration company, U.S.

The villa intercom outdoor unit can be extended more than 300 meters with long distance adaptor. Compatible with third-party CCTV camera, and both Surface mount and Flush mount outdoor stations are excellent for UAE's hot whether conditions.


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Key features of Our Systems

Our systems enable what conventional intercom systems cannot, by supporting IP networks to meet the needs of a wide range of clients


Unlimited number of units can be connected

We offer high scalability for facilities of all sizes. For example, our systems can be installed in large areas with many entrances and exits, such as commercial facilities and housing complexes.


No wiring distance limitations

Our systems can facilitate management of large sites and remote locations. LAN and VPN connections enable implementation over multiple interconnected networks and between remote locations, which allows for closed circuit communication and central control in large facilities, between corporate and satellite offices, and any type of application with multiple locations.


Centralization of multiple systems

By supporting IP networks, entrance/exit answering, video monitoring, reception, and emergency call systems can be centralized with no need to install multiple systems, which in turn reduces installation and training costs.


Server-less configuration that saves space, construction, and costs

There is no need for a dedicated server—simply connect the units to Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches. This has the additional benefit of eliminating the risk of system downtime due to server malfunction.


Japanese Standard Quality

We engage in the overall process from design, development, sales, and aftersales services. Our skilled Japanese engineers are deployed to smart factory production sites to ensure quality control, and inspect the final products to make sure they are up to our high standards.


High durability in accordance with IP65 and IK08

Our products are suitable for use from -40°C to +60°C, with a dust and water protection rating of IP65* (dust and jets of water), and a shock protection rating of IK08*. Our products are available and extremely useful in both hot and cold environments.
*Some products not supported.


Flexible system construction via API technology

We offer high scalability for facilities of all sizes. For example, our systems can be installed in large areas with many entrances and exits, such as commercial facilities and housing complexes.


Door phone with non-contact call function for Corona virus protection

Calls can be made just by holding a hand over the sensor without pressing the physical call button. Employed algorithms reduce false calls by sensing rain, snow, dust, and other external factors.

About Us







listed market

Listed Market

Tokyo Stock Exchange(Prime Market)/
Nagoya Stock Exchange(Premier Market)



Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

market coverage

Market Coverage

over 70 countries



around 2,000

Awards & Certifications

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